No More Canadian Long Gun Registry!

That’s right folks, the Canadian Long Gun Registry has met its demise. On April 6th, 2012, Bill C-19 officially passed into law eliminating the need to register non-restricted firearms in Canada.

All other gun control laws are still in effect however. So you still need a license to own guns and you still need to register restricted and prohibited firearms.

So where do we go from here? How about licensing and firearm classification reform? The licensing process is unnecessarily complicated and drawn out. Let’s get it simplified and less invasive. (For instance, I see no reason why the form needs to ask about my conjugal partners) And the firearms classification process is done with no oversight resulting in several firearms being classified as restricted or prohibited based on essentially nothing other than the firearms appearance.

Remember that the fight for reasonable gun control in Canada is not over. It’s just beginning. Don’t get complacent now. Write letters to the newspapers, educate your friends and neighbours and above all, let your politicians know how you feel so they can take that message to Ottawa and we can hopefully continue to gain ground.


18 Responses to No More Canadian Long Gun Registry!

  1. springfieldarmory says:

    Hey, nice to see you posting again. Of course I agree with your assessment of the situation. There is no time to slack off. You can bet the gun grabbers won’t be sitting on their duffs.

    I think we must also be watching for the outcome of the Quebec situation as well. Maybe wait a couple of days to see what they are going to do, but if the end result is anything other than Quebec gun owners having the same new laws as us, then we ought to unleash the fury of the new “powerful gun lobby” on the people involved. They need to understand that we will not forget our brothers-in-arms from la belle province

    On another note, my thanks to Wendy Cukier for helping to get the gun lobby in Canada going. Things are getting better and better for gun owners and enthusiasts because of it. Cheers! 😛

  2. tyke4 says:

    I agree with you completely. They don’t need to get into our personal life. Also, I agree that something needs to be done about the registry. In fact, I am writing a blog about just that, about not having the long gun registry and what problems may arise in the future. I was wondering if it is okay with you if it was okay to link you to my website. If you could email me back that would be great.
    Wendy Bell

  3. tyke4 says:

    I agree with you that they don’t need to know our personal info (like who all is living with us). Does that mean we have to update it every time we add a new person to the household- for another suspect? Is that how they are going to handle the non registry? I also agree that a fight has to put up in order for that bill to put in place or in the long run there is going to be trouble, and people need to voice their opinion now before it goes for too long. I write about the media and the things around us that are important and would like to link my site with yours if that is okay. It would be greatly appreciated thankyou.
    Wendy Bell

  4. GoCANADA says:

    Constitutional Amendment allowing every Canadian to bear Arms thats what the goal should be

  5. Hard Justice says:

    Andre aka progun has made a petition “Open Carry Canada Petition” He has commenting and shared suggestions as I have on the “Authorization to Carry” discussion. *link below*

    Thanks for your support, pass this on to all you know gun owners or non gun owners. Everyone’s rights and freedoms is what we’re all fighting for.

  6. James says:

    Quick and easy way to relay a message to your provincial CFO

    Tell them how you feel and that you deserve the right to defend yourselves.

    • Hard Justice says:

      If we need to ask them that we deserve the right to defend ourselves than we really don’t have that right. That’s the real issue, most don’t know what Rights are and this includes police, lawyers and judges. They follow a demented, perverse branch of the law called statutes, bylaws and legislation, an abomination compared to the law (Magna Carta). Anything else is immoral, unconstitutional and perverse. What’s the point of having Rights or Laws if someone comes along and changes them. They don’t recognize our inalienable rights and they won’t listen or care what we think. Sovereign, adult, human beings don’t need to ask anyone for permission for doing something that’s a unalienable birth right. Who gave them the right to decide upon anyones life, I don’t recall me saying or consenting to this, we are not their property and we are not slaves.

      They don’t recognize the Magna Carta, they won’t even recognize section 7 of The Charter or Rights and Freedoms which clearly states “Everyone has the RIGHTS to life, liberty and SECURITY of the person”. We all have that right and I don’t need any paper or permission from anyone to exercise our instinctive right for preservation of life. They can take away that paper (PAL or ATC) and what do you have? Nothing! They own you!

      I do not support a gun registry what so ever (I know its gone, but not in Quebec) which was created by hitler and slaves were denied right to bear arms to be controlled.

      Look at this link below:

      I think a simple course for firearms training is sufficient for those who don’t have any basic clue on the fundamentals of gun operation and safety. I’m not all too supportive of that because of the fact they can REVOKE YOUR RIGHTS by failing you during the course. Again I bring up the FACT that Rights are inalienable and can never be removed or transferred…NEVER!

      If you fail you should be taught what was wrong and retested in a fair manner at a later time. What people need to realize what the real issue is, its NOT about guns its about our Rights and Freedoms. Today it may be guns, tomorrow it may be knives or to travel in cars (which do not require a license btw its too long to talk about here, but everyone has the right to travel as defined in Section 6 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and you DO NOT NEED LICENSES. Licenses were created for people engaged in commerce, but I digress.

      Just because someone does something wrong it does not give the automatic removal of rights entirely for the rest of the populace. Firearms are common sense and if any individual cannot operate a firearm and already know the fundamental basics of how it functions without any training than maybe that person should take the firearms course others like myself do not require it, I’ve educated myself on firearms handling and safe for many years. A.C.T.S Its simple, don’t point the dangerous end at something you don’t want to kill…its that basic for starters.

      People will argue “well how can you just give anyone a firearm without training” you don’t. A responsible individual takes it upon themselves to first do research about said interest (firearm). Think about it, how easy is it to purchase or handle a legal firearm, the restrictions are in place where you cannot even touch a firearm in a sporting goods store without a PAL, which is ridiculous. Many may say most don’t do any research, yes, in regards of an illegal firearm this theory may apply, but those people aren’t law abiding, responsible or intelligent to begin with so they won’t be doing any research or reading.

      Most intelligent people do some form of research or ask someone who knows about firearms, I did, but I’m consider myself a responsible, respectable and reasonable individual I cannot speak for anyone else. The other facts are the laws are already in place, that if someone commits an offense you will be prosecuted, there’s no need for any new silly laws. If you violate a sovereigns rights then you will be prosecuted…simple! Most sane people have a moral compass and know murder is wrong, self defense is another animal. Does that mean anyone with a firearms should be drawing his or her firearm whenever they want NO, consideration for another sovereign should be first and foremost. Firearms should be looked upon as a last line of defense after you’ve tried to negotiate out of the precipice.

      If I wish to use that firearm in a lawful manner why should some strangers (police, judges) decide how much freedom they think I deserve…that’s not freedom that’s regulated liberty and one step away from slavery if they take away the firearm and the rights of the individual “To life, liberty and security of the person”

      Read this below and look at what the laws of Canada think, do we have rights or limited liberties. Freedoms on the other hand have no bounds.

      “Ontario Court Confirms No Right to Bear Arms in Canada; Supreme Court Will Not Hear Appeal”

    • Jory says:

      I just sent this message to the B.C. CFO and sincerely hope He/She responds.

      “Hi there. My name is Jory *****, and I was just wondering if you might help me understand something.
      I’ve noticed that one part of the criteria for receiving an ATC is that your life must be in immediate danger.
      Unfortunately it’s not quite clear on what that means.
      Does this mean that I can’t apply until I have been severely
      injured, have been injured in the past with criminal intent, or just need to be threatened?
      If you could get back to me on this with a more clear explanation I would extremely appreciate it.
      Sincerely – Jory ***** ”

      Let’s see what they say! I seriously doubt their going to have an answer that will actually satisfy any of us…
      Did you know you can actually get a license to carry in the states, even as a Canadian?
      It’s Called a Utah CCW permit. There has been much debate over it, and the licensing process was actually frozen for
      Canadians for quite some time. But it does exist. And it does work again!
      Personally… I think if I can go to another country, and carry a concealed fire arm in 31 different states… I should at the VERY least be allowed to carry one in my own home with no fear, and my own city.
      A good friend of mine was stabbed 3 times and nearly died almost 5 minutes from my house a few years back. I’ve personally been attacked at random, and luckily fought the people off, and have seen even women struck in public.
      If the CCW requires that my life needs to be in immediate danger… I’d like to put forward that it is. Criminals have guns, regardless of laws. And Canadian law when actually dissected… grants Citizens the right to self defense. It’s time for a change!

      Sorry for ranting, but I’m a strong believer in removing this hypocrisy.

      • Hard Justice says:

        I doubt you’ll get an answer, they don’t care because they have their guns and will use them whenever they want even in illegal fashion. They’re also protected by a huge organization of police who will cover their backs if they do something wrong, or if they do wrong. The courts will always side with the RCMP or local police and the rest of the populace can stay unarmed, helpless and left with one option…dial 911 and wait for them to waddle over, and IF you’re still breathing they can make a report which is useless after the crime. Its so stupid it makes one think, why they would want people hurt.

        What pisses me off is that they know how immoral it is to interfere with people defending themselves at a time of extreme danger just so they can keep everyone scared. Its obvious the real reason is they want to keep their jobs at the cost of innocent lives…its disgusting! If people were armed crime would go down, prisons would be empty and most criminals would move to a country where civilians make easy targets. It really shows how nefarious our elected officials and police are.

        People think because its not on the news its never happened. I recently got into a heated argument with someone because they said I know people who’ve been assaulted. His response was “I never saw it on the news” so I replied “So you’re saying I’m a liar!” These are the fools who end up being victims of crime and expect the cops to be outside their doors or standing right next to them 24 hrs a day.

        I know so many situations where people don’t report the offense or are apologists on behalf of the criminal which just floors me. I have seen, lost friends who were murdered and have been victim of crime before and police is nowhere to be found. Bottom line if we get assaulted, robbed, raped…etc in the end its our fault because we allowed to be convinced that self defense is a crime and unless we are given permission like mindless children you should stand there and be victimized by the criminally insane.

        Its sad the majority of anti-gun people suffer from mental illness and don’t realize that criminals will never be reasoned with. Rights are an individual choice, if any of us wish to conceal carry what’s the issue if no offense has been committed. Why the concern. If they want to be victims that’s their right, it is also our right to do the opposite and preserve our lives.

        Don’t forget to sign the petition and tell others if they’re gun owners or not. We’re protecting our freedoms.

      • Jory says:

        Done, and done! I totally agree though. It seems we’re living in a country where money, is considered to be in constant danger… And human life is not. I’m pretty sure that more people are targeted in a day then armored cars. Also… Let’s be honest. A lot of the time people are robbed or beaten as individuals for their money or possessions. All in all. The system is just completely ridiculous.

      • Hard Justice says:

        Excellent points, money is more valuable than human life. Its strange that banks can hire armed guards with semi-automatic pistols and a shot gun guard in the back of the armored vehicle, but us peasants are left to the wolves. The system is completely ridiculous, and might I add irresponsible and dangerous.

  7. JD says:

    Good riddance to the LGR, I say! It is now just a bad episode in Canadian history and “only” a CAD $2.7-billion pockmark on our balance sheet. [sarcasm]

    • Hard Justice says:

      Now if we had real freedom we wouldn’t have arbitrary restrictions on all firearms. The laws would be simple and you wouldn’t have someone dictating your lives.

      “IF” you commit a crime ( and not before ) in an unjustified manner you reap the repercussions. What we have right now is pre-emptive crime legislation. You cannot own a majority of firearms because the elected officials that are hired with OUR TAX DOLLARS are telling us we can’t own them. Who gave them permission to do this? I never consented to these terms, this is a violation of our “Claim of Right” ( which we all need to do in court, people need to look up the term )

      We don’t have to obey their laws or legislation, those are concepts they agreed upon, but they need individual consent and we have that right as free human beings to choice to decide if we break those terms. Are you a slave? Only slaves don’t have rights or the right’s to choose.

      Section 15 of the Canada Criminal code states:

      “Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.”

      READ AGAIN, “Every Individual is EQUAL”

      NO WE ARE NOT!

      Police, judges, lawyers…etc are ABOVE THE LAW. Why do police have no magazine limits, why can’t we own fully automatic weapons? We have been usurped and without legal counsel.

      These civil servants that we hired with our tax money are enslaving us and people are fast asleep. It is “Every individuals fault equally that we have restrictions on our lives.” If we all stood up together this wouldn’t be happening, but people complain and are AFRAID of their masters to tell them to “BACK OFF!”

      We are individuals with independent thought and actions.

      Instead they look upon us like children asking strangers in authoritarian police uniforms, and robed fools in court rooms permission how to live our lives.

      That’s the truth!

  8. C. Parker says:

    What is required for someone to own/possess a long gun in Canada now? An FAC? A POL?

    • gunningforthetruth says:

      You need a valid PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) to posses or obtain non-restricted firearms in Canada. There is a second test you need to pass to obtain or posses restricted firearms. It’s really not hard and I highly suggest that if you’re going to get your PAL, you get your Restricted at the same time.

  9. Hard Justice says:

    All gun owners (even non-gun) owners please read below. This is monumental, and those who have been wanting gun reform here’s YOUR chance to take back your some of your rights and freedoms back.

    Petition to end CFO’s

    M.P. Cheryl Gallant is requesting your help in collecting signatures for a petition to end bureaucratic excess within the Canadian Firearms Program by calling for an end to provincial firearms offices.

    For full details and printable forms, please visit the Canadian Shooting Sports website at

    All petitions must be hand written and mailed (no postage required) to:

    Cheryl Gallant, MP,
    RM 604 Justice Bldg., House of Commons,
    Ottawa. K1A 0A6

    Government rules require your full home address, or the city and province, or the province and postal code as well as your name and signature in order for your vote to count.

  10. xmartel says:

    All gun owners should act on the following as well. There is a campaign started to enact handgun carry for Canadians in the wilderness.

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