“Car Control” in Canada

Have you ever stopped to think about what Canada’s Traffic Laws would look like if they were designed and enforced like Canada’s Gun Laws?  Here’s a quick overview of what we’d be looking at:


Mopeds, Scooters, Motorbikes and Sports Cars are all being reclassified as “Non-Essential Vehicles” as these are the vehicles that seem to have little practical use and seem to be the most dangerous.

Mopeds and Scooters are going to be outright banned and confiscated as they’re simply too slow and thus dangerous to share the road with faster vehicles.

Motorbikes and Sports Cars will require a “Pleasure Vehicle” endorsement on your license which will only be available after additional training. Also, these vehicles will only be allowed to be driven on special government approved driving tracks of which you must pay a yearly membership to be a member of. If your membership expires, you will be forced to turn in your Pleasure Vehicles as you obviously have no valid use for them any longer. Driving Track records will be kept and anyone who does not regularly frequent the course will have their Pleasure Vehicles confiscated.

Because it’s impossible for Police Officers to tell what kind of engine a car has, vehicles that even LOOK fast will be restricted to track use only.

If your driver’s license or vehicle registration expires, you will no longer just get a ticket; instead, ALL your vehicles will be confiscated and held until your paperwork is in order. If this takes too long, (30 days I think – and it probably will since you will only be able to apply for renewals via snail-mail) your vehicles will be destroyed with no compensation AND you will be charged under the Criminal Code – as it is YOUR responsibility to keep your paperwork valid.

Since these vehicles are more dangerous than other “Passenger” or “Commercial” vehicles, the doors must remain locked at all times when not in use AND in a locked garage so that no one without a “Pleasure Vehicle” endorsement can gain access and use them illegally.

And if you’re caught on the open road with one of these vehicles, the entire police force including the SWAT team will arrest you at gunpoint, handcuff you and the rest of your family and then refuse to issue an apology when it is later discovered that the car you were driving only LOOKED like one of the banned ones.

Yes, this actually happened here in Canada to a legal gun owner (and his family) who had done no wrong.


Kind of messed up, eh?  But this is frustrating reality that law-abiding gun owners in Canada have to deal with.

“Well…” you might say to yourself, “…these are GUNS we’re talking about here.  They’re more DANGEROUS than cars are!”  Well actually, they’re not.  Literally thousands of more people are killed every year in car accidents than in gun accidents.  Even when you compare what guns are primarily used for in Canada – hunting – cars STILL kill TEN TIMES more animals than guns.

So why have we allowed ourselves to be treated like common criminals when it comes to our guns?  I don’t know either.  But the next time you think that the latest gun law that is being put into effect is “reasonable”, imagine that it was being applied to your car instead and see if it still sounds like a good idea.


21 Responses to “Car Control” in Canada

  1. Corey says:

    EXCELLENT article. i burst out laughing. in all reality though it is all true. these laws take away our rights and freedoms as human beings.

    • Charles_Martel says:

      Nice post..couldn’t agree more. Love the blog by the way, have forwarded to those of like mind (read: those who pursue personal liberty and freedom)

      • gunningforthetruth says:

        Thanks! 🙂 I’ve been trying to keep this updated but I’ve recently become involved in a pro-gun podcast and it eats up a lot of my time. I’ll get back to updating this as soon as I can find some free time.

  2. Meph says:

    Hey there. Nice post, and I wanted to add something to counter the obvious argument that people will throw at this well formulated entry.

    “But cars are made to drive you around, you can’t compare that to guns, those are made to kill people!”

    You know what I say to that? I say that if a gun cannot to be compared to a car, as a gun is a tool and a car is a mode of transportation, then you can compare a gun to another tool, such as a knife or a screwdriver.

    The gun is made to, at it’s core, help a person puncture things, be it paper, an animal or a person. It’s basic intended purpose can be argued to always be boiled down to “tool to help kill”. Even the pure made target rifles are based on this concept, as they are made to push bits of metal at high velocities, making it lethal. However this has absolutely no bearing on the argument at hand, as killing is often necessary and is often for the greater good, and as paper can’t really care that it’s being perforated. The protection of others (for example) from something horrible is what the gun, a tool, can be used for.

    The knife, at it’s core, whatever the configuration, is a tool to help you puncture or cut things, be it cardboard, or apples, or animals and people. It too can be used for good.

    As such, both the knife and the gun should be viewed in the same way.

    All this to say, Readers that disagree or that have counter arguments of the type I’m talking about might think differently after reading this. Supporting your blog all the way!

    • gunningforthetruth says:

      Thanks! 🙂 When you boil it down to the basics, a gun is just a tool. It is neither good nor bad. It is the person operating the tool who is good or bad. No sense in blaming an inanimate object for the actions of an individual.

    • redneck.gun.lover911 says:

      knives are usde for cutting. An example is cutting tomatos.
      Cars are used to get people from point A to point B, not to kill people. The obvious and only purpose for guns is to kill, no other function. so guns shouldn’t be viewed in the same way as a car or knife it would make no sense.

      • gunningforthetruth says:

        I disagree. A gun does not have a sole purpose. It may seem like that to some, but it is simply not true. Some of the guns I have were designed specifically for target shooting, some specifically for competition. The bottom line is, just because something was originally designed for one thing, doesn’t mean that its purpose can’t change over time.

        Case in point – this article was designed to point out the flawed logic of gun control, but it is now being used to debate how guns have more purposes than to just kill. 😉

      • Ernie says:

        Can you imagine if cars were designed to kill people, cars are so good at killing people now without being designed for it, if they were millions would die.

  3. Meph says:

    That’s what a lot of people fail to understand! Keep up the good work.

  4. canadianpatriot says:

    Awesome Article! I am so happy there are others who feel the same way I do. I just read an article in which some men, or at least that’s what they call themselves, were blogging that they should make the gun laws stricter and not get rid of the gun registration. Here is what I had to say to them 🙂 ….

    What has happened to you men? I don’t even know if i can call you that actually. Men used to be the ones to protect their family, the brave soles who would lay their life on the line for loved ones. We hunted for our families, built homes and farms for our families and taught these traits to our sons. But now in the 21st century many have become reduced to what you men who posted on this blog are! I have never ever been unsafe in the handling of my firearms. They are stored safe and out of reach of anyone who shouldn’t touch them. I enjoy hunting and do not waste anything that I hunt. I enjoy target practice and I just enjoy guns in general. Its a hobby of mine. Now you feminine men are trying to tell me that I shouldn’t have rights in my own country? How dare you. This should be my right. I was born a Canadian and will die one. If you don’t like guns then don’t buy one, but leave us men to our business.

    The end have a good one guys! Keep fighting for our rights!

    • gunningforthetruth says:

      Fantastic post canadianpatriot! One thing I’d point out though is that the rights which you say you “should” have, you DO have. Rights are neither granted nor taken away. They simply are. When a government refuses to allow its citizens to exercise their rights, it becomes a tyranny. Just something to think about.

  5. John says:

    I think one other gun/car analogy you could have included is one I heard from Joel Sturm of Target Sports Canada and the CSSA, which sounded something like, “Imagine if, every night, when you park your car in an government approved garage, you had to empty out all the fuel in your gas tank?”

  6. rob says:

    and don’t forget that safety gear is illegal or separately licensed. Body armor is (in many places) separately licensed with a separate fee, and suppressors (silencers) which would make range shooting so much more pleasant (both for those on the range and their neighbors), are illegal.

    imagine a separate license for your seat belt and mufflers for your sports car being illegal!

  7. juno says:

    OK, let’s be honest. There are real problems with the car-gun analogy.

    Comparing the total number of people or animals killed with guns to the total number killed with cars is not an apples to apples comparison.

    When comparing two very different activities, a more fair comparison would be to compare number of deaths per hour engaged in that activity.

    For example, if I said that 10x as many people die skiing as die snowboarding. That might make you think that skiing is more dangerous. But what if I told you that people spend 20x as much time skiing as they do snowboarding. Well, then actually snowboarding is more dangerous. You are more likely to die during an hour of snowboarding than an hour of skiing. (BTW, these numbers are all made up.)

    If we compare the number of firearms deaths per hour of use to the number of vehicle deaths per hour of use, I think we’d get a much different answer.

    Another way of looking at it is to compare the total costs to the total benefits. Vehicles have enormous benefits. Our standard of living would drop enormously if vehicles were treated like firearms. Transportation costs would skyrocket, and as a result many prices would rise significantly. Do we see this kind of horror when gun control was put in place? No. We may have seen a small increase in crime (because of a reduced ability for self-defence). We wasted a few billion dollars registering all those guns. And a few million people had their hobby become more inconvenient. But I doubt we are talking about more than $10 billion in total cost.

    So while vehicles kill many more than firearms do, vehicles are far more useful. My guestimate is that the benefit of NOT treating vehicles like we treat firearms is 10-100x higher than firearms.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the comparison is useless. Lots of people think, “We register our cars. Why shouldn’t we register guns too?” Those people don’t realize that just because both things are called “registrations” doesn’t mean they are the same thing. You don’t go to jail for failing to register a car. At worst you get a fine. At best (i.e. if you only use it on private property) there is no penalty at all. With a gun, you’re heading to jail. That’s a big difference that any Canadian with an opinion on gun control should understand.

    • Ernie says:

      Problem with the “we register our cars so we should” argument is that we don’t have to register our cars. If I purchase 3 used junk cars and build one badass good one I don’t have to register it unless I plan to use on public roads. How many vehicles are out there with no “title”, lots of them sitting in fields or old barns all across the country.

  8. Mike says:

    I love how the pseudo intellectuals get so into their anti agenda…lol…you people are so tunnel visioned and horse blindered…the point is the gov has no right denying Canadians their right to own a gun…our legislating it to the point of nauseum…it, like the analogy,shows how it is ridiculous

  9. Ronaldo Argamino says:

    Omg! Bro hope no politician would see this ur giving them ideas…lol

  10. Ernie says:

    I’d gladly register, or not, my firearms if all the laws that apply to vehicles applied to firearms. No registration on public land, pay a fine; no license on public land, pay a fine; buy but don’t register, no problem; unlimited horsepower, unlimited firepower.

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