US Crime Rates Continue to Decline Despite Surge in Gun Sales

It is a well documented fact that gun sales in the US have been skyrocketing ever since Democratic President Obama was elected. Fears of registries, gun bans and restrictions fueled this buying frenzy. Anti-gun activists were horrified at the crime wave that was about to ensue due to so many extra guns being in the hands of private citizens.

On top of that, the number of states that have adopted new laws allowing private citizens to carry concealed handguns has also been increasing to the point that there are now only two states that deny this right. Again, the anti-gun activists wrung their hands and cried out for us to “Think of the the children!”, but to no end. The violent “wild west shootouts”, the murders over being cut off in traffic, the onslaught of accidental shootings in the home… they never happened.

Instead, to the anti-gunners anyway, the un-thinkable happened; not only did violent crime not go up, it went down!

The stats are in straight from the FBI website:

“Well that doesn’t make any sense!” you might exclaim. As backward as it may seem, history has proven time and time again, guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens decreases overall violent crime. Think about it, if you knew that there was a possibility that the nice lady you were about to rape and murder had a pistol in her purse, would you still do it? If you knew that the home that you were about to invade quite possibly had a homeowner inside with a shotgun, and knew how to use it, would you still go in? If you knew that the store clerk could have a revolver tucked into a holster behind his hip, would you still try to rob the place?

More guns equals less crime, not the other way around. The criminals will always have guns; it is impossible to take them all away, so why not let the law-abiding population be armed as well? There’s no sense in making it too easy for the crooks.

For more info on how to help fight for reasonable concealed carry laws in Canada, visit today.


One Response to US Crime Rates Continue to Decline Despite Surge in Gun Sales

  1. Bob says:

    I totally agree,
    Law obiding citizens should have the rights to defend themselves, and of course after taking some training.
    And if they have the pal already, that means they are clear from the police and they are well prepared.

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