Tracing the Trajectory of Ugur Yildiz’s Smuggled Weapons

April 15, 2006, Ugur Yildiz smuggled at least 237 handguns into Canada using the Ambassador Bridge which links Detroit Michigan to Windsor Ontario.  Police have traced approximately three dozen of these illegal firearms leaving over 200 unaccounted for and presumably in the hands of street thugs and criminals.

(click on picture for larger image; it will open in a new window)

At least one death has already been attributed to these guns and with such a large number unaccounted for,  more are expected.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of over 200 illegal guns out there in the hands of violent criminals makes me a bit nervous.  And thats over 200 guns from just one smuggler!  Use your imagination for a minute and think about how many thousands of other illegal guns are out there in the hands of bad guys!  Yet we are still forced to rely on the Police to protect us from them.  We are still not allowed to prepare ourselves for what very well could be a deadly encounter with a thug carrying one of these smuggled guns!

Until our government realizes that guns on the belt and in the purses of law-abiding citizens is an asset, not a liability, to the peace and security of our society, we remain at the mercy of violent criminals who buy their guns out of the car trunks of smugglers such as Yildiz.

The Police simply cannot prevent all unauthorized entry of illegal guns into Canada and they certainly cannot be everywhere at once protecting innocent civilians from the criminals who obtain and use these guns against us.  We need to stand together now and fight these unreasonable laws that disarm law-abiding Canadian citizens.

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