Canadian Gun Laws are Confusing – Part 2

The Ruger Mini-14, a very common hunting rifle found all over North America, is classified in Canada as a Non-Restricted firearm.  Chambered for .223 Remington ammunition, its versatility is profound.  From competition target shooting to pest control to deer hunting, this rifle has it all.


As with anything that gets produced in such large numbers, options and aftermarket accessories soon became available for the Mini-14 to allow each person to modify it to his or her own personal tastes.  A couple of examples:

mini-14_target(no, that’s not a “silencer”, but an adjustable weight that allows the shooter to tune the harmonics of the barrel to allow for superior accuracy)

scary_Mini-14All three of the above rifles have the exact same fit and function, only the form has changed.  You’ll notice that the bottom two have extended magazines, but don’t worry, they both conform to Canada’s laws and have been modified to only allow 5 rounds of ammunition to be held.  (I’ll talk about this silly law some other time.)

So you should be able to see from this, that a rifle’s looks or appearance shouldn’t have any bearing on how it is classified. In fact, this rifle, the AR-180B:


…is downright scary looking, but because it also conforms to the same set of rules that classifies the Mini-14 as a Non-Restricted firearm, it too can be used to hunt or target shoot with.

Now this is the confusing part.  The AR-15:


…an almost twin brother to the AR-180B, which also conforms to the same set of rules as the rifles mentioned above, is a Restricted firearm in Canada.  What’s that you say?  Does it shoot more powerful ammo? Nope.  Does it have the capability of shooting full-auto? Nope, not the ones we have in Canada anyway.  Is it in any way different to the other rifles in fit or function? Nope.  So why is it Restricted? I have no idea.

All three rifles are semi-automatic and use the same ammunition; yet one of them, for reasons that I cannot begin to comprehend, is deemed to be too “dangerous” to be used anywhere except a certified range by properly licensed individuals.

Does that make any sense to you?

Me either.


19 Responses to Canadian Gun Laws are Confusing – Part 2

  1. Meph says:

    Trying to make sense of gun laws in Canada is an exercise in futility… Awesome article my friend, keep it coming.

  2. Peter says:

    Awesome article, bud.

  3. Rob says:

    Yes The AR-15 looks so evil “LOL”
    Some bureaucrat deemed it the bad black rifle.
    Un fricking believable that a party/ Government that has no common sense could have so much say in a common sport.
    People Harm People, not the weapon used.

  4. fisindds says:

    the only reason the AR-15 is restricted in Canada is because the barrel is shorter than 18.5 inches.

    • gunningforthetruth says:

      Not true. The AR-15 is restricted by name. You can have a 20″ barrel on one and it will still be restricted.

  5. Fedup says:

    Canadian firearms laws are actually not confusing. The confusion comes when people don’t understand what the goal of the laws are. The goal of all Canadian laws pertaining to firearms is to make it as difficult as possible to legally own firearms, and as easy as possible for the police to confiscate firearms, with the slightest excuse they can think of. All Canadian firearms law is designed to lead to the disarming of the civilian population.

  6. Chris says:

    Canadian firearm laws are not that confusing if you take the time to read them carefully, and I don’t believe that they are designed for disarming the civilian population. The government doesn’t want weapons out there that can be easily converted over to fully automatic in this case like the AR-15, sure their are some flaws with our firearm laws but in this case the above 4 rifles are not as easily made fully auto like the AR-15, and I don’t blame the police for not wanting people to own them or ones that look like them because how do they know what their walking into? Chances of them surviving an attack by some deranged psycho with a semi auto when responding to a domestic dispute or robbery are a lot better than responding to one that has a full auto. AR-15 Parts to make them fully auto are radily available and don’t take a lot of smarts to swap them out, unlike the M14 and such.

    • gunningforthetruth says:

      Not entirely true – ANY semi-auto can be made full-auto with simple tools found around the house such as a file and/or rotary tool (Dremel). Sometimes even with a simple piece of string and a key ring. The AR-15 is in fact actually one of the harder semi-auto rifles to convert. It requires extensive machining of the lower receiver before the “readily available” parts will even fit, and then it usually takes a highly skilled gunsmith to fit them correctly. (I should know as I used to work for a gunsmith and I currently own an AR-15 – yes, legally)

      Also, the idea that incoming fire from a semi-auto is more survivable than that from a full-auto is laughable. The military learned long ago that full-auto fire is in fact the least accurate and is used at best as suppression fire. (designed to keep the enemy’s heads down while they take up better positions)

      We need to remember that it is people with evil intent in their hearts that causes harm, NOT the kind of gun they choose to use. Banning any gun based on its looks is foolish, a waste of time, and ultimately protects no one.

      • Peter E says:

        Ignorance is bliss, Chris. The above post by gunningforthetruth is entirely accurate. You (and millions of other misguided souls) are simply victims of typical gun-control propaganda

    • Rami says:

      1) 90% of Canadian police do not support AR-15 ban (see police one polling)

      2) ” that can be easily converted over to fully automatic in this case like the AR-15″
      What? “easily converted”. Could you be more ignorant?

      3) “Chances of them surviving an attack by some deranged psycho with a semi auto when responding to a domestic dispute or robbery are a lot better than responding to one that has a full auto.”

      The United States has at least 18 million AR-15 rifles in civilian hands.
      Not one cop, indeed — not one person — has ever been killed in the US by an Ar-15 “converted to full auto.”

  7. Bart says:

    Some good comments and well meaning ones. I can’t say from a technical standpoint who is right, but I will say this. If we open up the gun laws too much we are only a step away from the nasty gun violence in the USA. I for one know many Americans and they are a gracious and nice people. Are we really much different? So why do they have exponentially more gun violence? Yes, they have a different history and perhaps more social problems with maybe fewer social tools to deal with them. But is it perhaps that given the second amendment crutch, they have a gun culture that is to blame for much of this gun violence. When you come down to it, do we really want a bunch of sportster firearms everywhere and where will this lead.
    I don’t buy restricted rifles as what we have for unrestricted allows me enough flexibility to hunt or just pop targets wherever I go. If you want restricted black rifles, this is perhaps one of the many prices you pay for our brand of democracy.

    • gunningforthetruth says:

      You may want to check this out:

      Their violent crime rate is actually lower than Canada’s. Guns don’t cause violence; in many cases, it’s quite the opposite. You’ll find, if you look into it for yourself, that many of the states with the strictest gun control have the highest violent crime rates, and the states with the least restrictive, have the lowest violent crime rates.

      There’s a certain truth to “an armed society is a polite society”.

    • james fiddler says:

      Im thinking that there seems to be more gun crimes in the U.S.A. is because in california alone their is 10 x the people then in all of canada lers notnit pick numbers i could be out by 1 or 2 million my point is thatthe state of california has close to 30million people

    • Rami says:

      So why do they have exponentially more gun violence?

      We know it is gun laws, since Canada’s homicide rate, comparing same density to same density jurisdictions in the US vs those in Canada is the same.

      over 90% of US homicide occurs in their high density jurisdictions.

      In 1993 there were 600,000 “assult rifles” in civilian hands in the USA. The current estimate is now over 18 million. Meanwhile US gun murder plummeted by a whopping 63% 1993-2014.

  8. Richard Mawhinney says:

    Oh my, oh my! I have read that Mini 14’s are restricted weapons in Canada. Who knows the truth?

    • gunningforthetruth says:

      Mini-14s with barrel lengths longer than 18.5″ inches are non-restricted in Canada. Mini-14s with barrel lengths shorter than 18.5″ are restricted. A quick Google search will confirm that for you.

      • Kevin says:

        Just a quick question about deer hunting in Canada with the mini 14. Is it not illeagal because it is a smaller caliber than 243 ?

      • gunningforthetruth says:

        Hunting laws vary from province to province. In NB for instance, it is perfectly legal to hunt deer with a .223

  9. Mark says:

    IF the Mini-14 is as evil as the antis say the Mini 30 must be twice as bad. I’m thinking with C-71 the awesome Ruger Mini & the SKS won’t be in the NR Class for much longer. Some dark days ahead for Canadian gunnies.

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