Accuracy of the Media

I could ask for a show of hands for how many people think the news media is 100% accurate. Would anybody raise their hands? 90%? 80%? Should I go to 50% accurate? Let me give you an example of the news media on this issue that may give you a perspective you don’t otherwise have.

The #2 athletic pursuit in America based upon sales are the shooting sports. They just outdistanced golf. Golf used to be number two, now golf is number three. Shooting sports edged it out. You’ve heard about Tiger Woods. You’ve heard about the PGA and The Masters. You’ve heard of 19th hole drunkenness. You’ve heard all about golf. Golf is big. You’ve heard nothing about the shooting sports. Nothing. You don’t even know what they are I’ll bet half of you.

Out where I am, we just had an expo at the Ben Avery Range, which is one of the biggest ranges in the country, 1600 acres. It’s always so busy you have to wait to be able to use it. 26000 people in one weekend came out and enjoyed themselves. Had ice cream, ate food, bought hot dogs. Smith And Wesson had booths so you could try out their new firearms. For a few dollars you could rent all sorts of different guns. Cowboy action, practical pistol, high powered rifle. Soccer moms were watching their 9-year-olds use a bolt action 22 under careful supervision. There was gunfire the entire time for two days. Nobody was shot. Nobody fainted. No crimes were committed. Nobody was harmed.

This is the side of the firearm equation you don’t see. You get this distorted view that guns are only associated with crime, and that’s all guns do. I don’t blame you for being angry at it, but this side of the issue counts as well.

“Guns Save Lives”

– Alan Korwin, Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, April 9, 2008


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